I Welcome You

In The Name Of Jesus

Charismatic Christian Church represents Christian families walking together on a journey to strengthen and deepen our faith in Jesus Christ since 1983, and welcome the transformational power of the

Holy Spirit into our everyday lives.

Wherever you are on your own personal journey - we welcome you. 

Together we can move forward to find a closer, more meaningful connection with Christ.

Together we support one another, pray for one another, as we travel our individual and corporate paths together discovering the beauty of God's grace and His purpose for our lives.

We walk together, confident that God has brought us together to further His mission on Earth

to change hearts and bring true peace to our spirits.

If you've been searching but have yet to find answers, we're here for you and we're listening.  

Together we welcome you to adopt us, the Charismatic Christian Church,

into your hearts as your church family.

Your Humble Servant In Christ

Senior Pastor Edison Garcia